Wednesday, May 13, 2009

INTRO (where ita all started)

  • Yunho and Jae joong have 16 daughters and 2 sons
  • This fic was made during Jessica's birthday[Jessica of SNSD]
  • Imagine yunho's appearance in MIROTIC mv while jae joong in SHARE THE WORLD mv

Mini story part 1

Yunmei: Appa! Appa! [running towards YH]

YH: Waeyo? what's the problem my baby?[worried]

Yunmei: Appa! umma is,,[jae joong entered in the house],I saw him! Umma is with Jessica of SNSD!, they are flirting with wach other just because it's her birthday!!!pffft[pouts]

YH: what?![outraged]

JJ: [binatukan si yunmei] AISH!!! you!

[looking at YH] Yobo, we're just talking and having some good time..Mianhae[puppy eyes]

YH: [upset and in tears] How could you? [run upstairs]

JJ: Yunho ah!! YUnho ah!![follow his lover]

Yunmei: OMO..!!!


Yunmei went to her room

yunmei: Aiye unnie!!! Our parents,,,they're fighting!!![in tears]

Aiye: Wae?!

yunmei: nagchelos si appa,huhu..kachalanan ku [sniff]

Vanessa: Appa?[innocent look woth lollipop]

Coleen: ya~~what did you do huh..?!!!

Aiye:[binatukan su coleen] Din't scare her,,dongsaeng..what happenned?Tell your unnies.

Yunmei:kasi,,it's because...[sniff]

and then they heard a loud bang and shouts,,

Chinen: OMO!!! umma!Appa![scared]

Xin: [crying] Andwe!!

Aiye: ya~~dongsaengs, cover your ears.

Coleen: let's have a look![curious]

Aiye: Aniya!![angry]

Coleen: You stay there!! Who's with me??!

clouie, kae, yunmei, jekk, hanee and dan: MEEE!!! mee!! mee!!

Coleen: Wiah!! Looks like everyine is with, Annyeong Auye unnie!![teasing voice]


At Yunhi and Jaejoong's room...

JJ: YUnho ah, mian..[in tears, holding YH's hand]

YH: ya~~let me go

JJ: Yunho ah..[crying]

YH: hana..


in line, Coleen in front..

Coleen: ssshh!!! din't make any noise [whisper]

All: neh~~~[giggle]

[at the door]

Coleen: I'll open the door okay..?Don't make any noise..Hana, deul, set..[peeping]

All: [peeping]

YH: ya~~jung jj,, are you gonnna stop crying or not..?[kinda annoyed]

JJ:Andwe..until you forgive me[sniff]

YH: Aish!! GO with Jessica!!!you're happy with her right..?[smirk]

JJ: waeyo?!!when you kissed your backup dancer, did I get angry to you?! Did I say anything about ut? Nothing!

YH: It was a fake kiss! MY God JJ! YOu know it! Besides, don't change the topic!We are talking about YOU here..!![pointing his finger to JJ]

JJ: YUnho ah~~YOu know everything ,,that..[crying] you are my only love..only you


The Family

A family of 20.

Jaejoong, our beloved umma. Yunho, our hot appa!!!haha.. and us, 16 daughters and 2 sons.

We all believe in yunjae. As we all say, "YUNJAE IS REAL!!!"

have fun in all txtfics-turned-fanfic you can only find HERE in YUNJAE BABIES family.^_^